RoHS & WEEE Product Compliance Info

Airpax - Statement of RoHS Directive Compliance
ASSEMtech - Standard Compliant Products
austriamicrosystems - link
C&D Technologies - link
C-MAC - link
Dinkle - Dinkle RoHS Compliance I .doc
Diptronics - link
Ducati - Ducati_RoHS.pdf
Endicott - Endicott_erg_rohs.pdf
Figaro - Figaro_HazardousMaterialVer2.0.doc
Harting - link
Hosonic - Hosonic Full RoHs SGS 20050419 update.xls
Integration - link
ITW Erg - ITW Erg RoHS Compliance Document
JST - link
This link takes you to a page which allows you to check if a JST part number is available with RoHS compliance.
Type the part number in the search field (making sure it is correct) and it will tell you the part number for the RoHS version (if available).
Liteon - This document shows RoHS status for the Liteon LEDs
Mean Well - Declaration of RoHS compliance
Methode - Methode Electronics Position Statement1.pdf
Molex - Lead-Free Introduction link
NEC link link
Nippon Chemi-Con
Philips Check On-Line Pb Free Status
Identification of lead free & green product
FAQ on Philips RoHS implimentation
RoHS certification document
RoHS Compliance table

Planar -


lead free link
Rectron RoHS reports link
Hazardous Material Statement

Gateshead Industry Division Switches and Sensors
Solenoids, Motors, Gearboxes & Driver boards
Switches for appliances type X3
Switches for appliances type XC
Sherwood - sherwoord_rohs.doc
Sipex - link
Sonitron - sonitron_RoHS_compliance.pdf
SST link
Sumida - Grouping of SUMIDA RoHS products and time.doc
Electronic Wire link
Flat Component link
Tadiran - link
Teridian (formerly TDK) - link
Telecom Design link
Universal Microelectronics - universal_micro_Lead Free Product Ordering.pdf

Vishay (BC)
RoHS Vishay Capacitor.xls (12/07/05)
RoHS Vishay Resistor.xls (12/07/05)
The two documents above provide an outline of the RoHS status of individual Capacitor and Resistor series from Vishay.

They are updated regularly and are available for download from link
To ensure you get the latest version please click on the above link.

PCN-PDD-39-2003 Rev.3 Pb-free Final.pdf (09/01/06)
Vitrohm - link
Weco - link
RoHS_ELV Compliance_YAGEO.pdf link
Certification for Yageo MLCC.
Assurance letter for Yageo Leaded resistors.
RoHS Declaration for Vitrohm (Yageo-Europe) resistors.
Example of package markings for lead-free products.
Zywyn - Green Link link